Starting Line

This case study follows the financial journey of Mitch, a professional athlete playing for the Cowboys in Townsville. Despite the challenges of a demanding career, Mitch aspired to purchase his first home. However, navigating the complex process of buying a house proved daunting, especially considering his limited availability due to his athletic commitments. With Mitch's career on track, Galaxy Sport has worked with Mitch to secure his future financial goals and develop a savings plan to achieve them.

The Plan

Purchasing the First Home
Recognising the challenges Mitch faced in balancing his demanding career with the process of buying a home, we provided him with 360 support. As his mentors, Galaxy Sport guided Mitch through the entire home purchasing process, ensuring he had the necessary information and resources at his disposal. By offering guidance and assistance, we empowered Mitch to make informed decisions, ultimately enabling him to successfully purchase his first home in Townsville.

Overcoming Setbacks and Maintaining Financial Wellbeing
Unfortunately, Mitch experienced setbacks in the form of injuries, which impacted his career for the past 18 months. Despite this setback, our previously established financial strategies proved invaluable in helping Mitch navigate the challenges. With a well-planned financial approach in place, Mitch managed his finances effectively, ensuring stability during the challenging period. This highlights the importance of proactive financial planning and resilience in the face of unexpected circumstances.

Future Financial Goals and Savings Plan
With Mitch's career back on track, Galaxy Sport is currently focusing on his future financial goals. Together, Galaxy Sport and Mitch are developing a comprehensive savings plan to help him achieve these goals. By considering his aspirations, risk tolerance, and income projections, Galaxy Sport is tailoring a strategy that aligns with Mitch's specific needs and long-term objectives. Ongoing guidance and support will assist him in building a solid financial foundation for the future.

The Result

Mitch's journey showcases the significance of having a supportive financial champion during important life milestones, such as purchasing a home. By providing Mitch with the necessary guidance and support, we facilitated a successful home purchase despite his demanding career. Furthermore, our strategies have helped him weather setbacks caused by injuries, ensuring his financial stability. As Mitch's career progresses, Galaxy Sport are committed to continuing our partnership, assisting him in achieving his future financial goals and building a secure financial future.