Starting Line

Blake is an aspiring NRL player who made his debut with the South Sydney Rabbitohs in the 2021 season. Galaxy Sport has had the privilege of witnessing Blake's growth both on and off the field. Recognising the importance of financial management for athletes, the author embarked on a mission to assist Blake in developing a solid financial foundation.

The Plan

Galaxy Sport has supported Blake start building solid financial foundations early on in his career. These foundations include:

Budgeting for Everyday Spending
Understanding the significance of financial discipline, Galaxy Sport worked with Blake to establish a budget for his everyday spending. This involved analysing his income and expenses, identifying areas for improvement, and setting realistic spending limits. Through regular monitoring and adjustments, Blake learned how to manage his finances more effectively, ensuring his spending aligned with his financial goals.

Payroll Diversion for Future Savings
Building on the budgeting foundation, Galaxy Sport introduced Blake to the concept of payroll diversion. By diverting a portion of his income directly into savings or investment accounts, Blake was able to start saving for his future financial goals. Galaxy Sport helped Blake select appropriate financial tools and educated him about the benefits of long-term savings.

Monitor and assess the progress over time.
Galaxy Sport has employed a hands-on approach, providing direct guidance and support to Blake on his financial and career journey.


The Result

Blake’s journey highlights the importance of incorporating financial management into an athlete's career path. Through a mentorship relationship, the author has assisted Blake in establishing a budgeting framework and implementing payroll diversion strategies. As the case study continues, it is expected that Blake's financial growth and discipline will contribute positively to his overall success, both on and off the field.