Financial education for elite athletes

Championing the financial wellbeing of Athletes


Experience the thrill of victory on the field, while we help secure your financial future off it.

At Galaxy Sport, we understand the unique challenges faced by top athletes across multiple sporting codes. That's why we provide tailored financial education to guide athletes towards financial success.

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    As an elite athlete, preserving and protecting your hard-earned wealth is easier said than done. Having a trusted team to support your financial game is a must.

"It’s not how much money you make but how hard it works for you and how many generations you keep it for”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Our Code

The codes that we live, work and play by:

  • We play it forward

    When it comes to finances, we know our stuff. We want to share our expertise and support the next generation of athletes to achieve financial victory.

  • We wear t-shirts

    We’ll pick a convo and coffee over a suit and boardroom anyday. We will roll up our sleeves and support on you from the ground up, whether it is helping you pick up furniture to helping you translate complex financial jargon into real talk.

  • We are champions of athletes

    We aren’t here for the spotlight. We are true believers of the athletes we work with and are here for the highs, lows, and everything in between. We don’t just give advice, we walk beside you when navigating and building your finances.

  • We think in decades not seasons

    When it comes to athletes and finances, we are forward-thinkers. Our expertise ensures that any strategies or supports we deliver sets you up for generations, not just your time on the field.

  • We see more than numbers

    We know money is more than numbers. Everything we do places your goals, loved ones, family and community at the forefront to ensure that your finances don’t just support you, but those who are your world.

We back you on and off the field

Our team of experienced Athlete wellbeing managers will work with you at every stage of your career, from amateur to professional, and into retirement, to ensure your earnings are transformed into a legacy of financial stability. At Galaxy Sport, we take a comprehensive approach to your financial destiny.

Don’t let time run out. Achieve your financial destiny today.