Starting Line

Tepai embarked on a cross code career, playing for the Parramatta Eels, NSW Waratahs, and Melbourne Storm over several years. Prior to Galaxy Sport’s involvement, Tepai had already demonstrated his commitment to his family by purchasing a family home for his parents, for which he continued to pay the repayments. However, Tepai's career was marked by fluctuating income and emotional highs and lows, which presented unique financial challenges. Galaxy Sport stood by his side during this time, offering support and guidance in budgeting, saving, mortgage refinances, reviews, and long-term planning.

The Plan

Recognising Tepai's growing family (four children) and the financial uncertainties associated with his career, we devised a comprehensive plan to assist him. Galaxy Sport’s primary focus was on creating stability and establishing a secure financial foundation for both Tepai and his family. We worked closely with Tepai to develop effective budgeting strategies, emphasising the importance of saving for the future and ensuring that his mortgage repayments remained manageable. Additionally, we provided guidance on investment opportunities and explored options for expanding his financial portfolio.

The Result

In 2018, while Tepai was still playing for the Parramatta Eels, we assisted him in purchasing an investment property on the Queensland Sunshine Coast for $599,000. This property has since appreciated significantly in value and is now worth $1.1 million. The day Tepai flew up to view his property, he was overwhelmed with gratitude and had tears in his eyes, recognising the real impact of our assistance. This success story exemplifies our unwavering commitment to helping athletes build wealth and secure their financial futures.

Bottom Line

Our ongoing relationship with Tepai revolves around reviewing and guiding his financial decisions, with a particular focus on debt reduction. As Tepai's career continues to evolve, we remain dedicated to providing him with the necessary support and advice to ensure his long-term financial stability. By continually monitoring his financial situation, reviewing his mortgage arrangements, and exploring opportunities for further wealth creation, we aim to empower Tepai to make informed financial decisions that align with his goals and aspiration