Starting Line

Stephen, a talented Pasifika athlete, had a dream of providing his family with a permanent home. To achieve this goal, he sought guidance from his agent and teammates and decided to join the Galaxy Sport stable in early 2021. This case study highlights how Stephen took control of his financial destiny by implementing a payroll diversion savings plan, ultimately leading to the purchase of a home for his parents.

The Plan

Recognising the need to manage his own finances, Stephen, working with his family and agent, devised a plan to take charge of his financial future. To begin, we devised a savings plan that utilised salary payroll diversion. This approach ensured a consistent flow of savings from his monthly income, including bonus earnings from representative honours and endorsements. To minimise the temptation of accessing these funds impulsively, we created an account that was not directly accessible via a mobile app.

The Result

By establishing a systematic approach to regular savings and channelling additional bonus income into the designated account, Stephen achieved his childhood dream in 2022 when he purchased a home for his parents. This milestone represented a significant accomplishment in his personal and financial journey, symbolising his commitment to his family's wellbeing and providing them with a stable and secure living environment.

Bottom Line

The success of the payroll diversion strategy has encouraged Stephen and his financial team to continue with the savings plan. Looking ahead, he has now purchased an Investment Property in a high growth location whilst simultaneously saving for his upcoming wedding – scheduled for the end of the 2024 season.

He has become a leader amongst men and was rewarded with the Captaincy at his new club the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Stephen now has a better understanding of his own financial position and the requirements and obligations of property and debt.