Starting Line

Josh exhibited excellent financial acumen, which led him to purchase a property at a young age before embarking on his career in the English Super League. After witnessing his brother Scott's positive experience with our Buyers Agency and research team, Josh recognised the value Galaxy Sport could provide in guiding his own property investment journey. With a $5,000 deposit, Josh seized the opportunity to invest in a block of land worth $199,000 in February 2022, setting the stage for his financial growth and future prospects.

The Plan

Ongoing Financial Support
Understanding the importance of maintaining financial wellbeing, Galaxy Sport assigned a UK-based wellbeing manager to regularly engage with Josh. Through frequent check-ins, Galaxy Sport reviews his finances, assesses his budget, and ensures he remains on track towards his financial goals. This 360 support system enables Josh to make informed decisions and adapt his financial strategies as necessary, especially considering the unique circumstances of being abroad while managing investments in Australia.

Impressive Land Appreciation
Josh's investment in the block of land is a testament to the potential rewards of property ownership. Although the payment for the land is not due until July 2024, its value has already increased significantly. Currently, the land's estimated worth stands at $280,000, representing a remarkable appreciation in a relatively short period. This positive development underscores the potential long-term benefits and growth that can arise from strategic property investments.

The Result

Josh Drinkwater's financial journey showcases his astute money management skills and the success he achieved through property investment. With a timely property purchase and Galaxy Sport’s support, Josh positioned himself for financial growth. Regular check-ins and budget re