Starting Line

Izack, Penrith Panthers centre, was an excellent saver but lacked direction in terms of asset accumulation. He was a "tight-ass" which was beneficial for Galaxy Sport when kicking off his financial journey.

The Plan

Galaxy Sport's plan for Izack was simple: move his savings to an account without an app on his phone and agree with him on his monthly budget. The remaining funds were to be diverted into an account he couldn't touch without two-factor authentication.

Galaxy Sport advised Izack not to purchase property in the location he was playing unless there were unique circumstances, such as buying a property for his parents or having a long-term contract.

Izack's plan revolved around savings and property acquisition. He trained exceptionally hard and focused on his big sporting goals, allowing him to maintain his excellent savings pattern.

After securing a contract extension with an upgraded pay structure for the next three years, Galaxy Sport helped Izack secure two properties off-the-plan using only $5,000 in deposit funds.

The Result

Izack continued to add to his savings every month, using Galaxy Sport's Payroll Diversion method. His first property was about to commence construction and had already gone up in value by approximately $100k. His second property, had also gone up in value by over $70k, using only a $2,000 deposit.

Izack's financial habits had become ingrained in his actions every month, even when he achieved one of his dreams and represented Samoa at the World Cup in the UK. He did not dip into his diverted savings, demonstrating his commitment to his long-term financial goals.

Bottom Line

Galaxy Sport helped Izack develop a savings plan and acquire properties using a small deposit. Izack's financial habits and savings pattern became ingrained, allowing him to focus on his sporting goals without sacrificing his long-term financial objectives.