Starting Line

Brian was referred to the Galaxy Sport team with a desire to enhance his financial understanding. His agent recognised his potential but was concerned about his spending habits and limited financial literacy. After analysing his expenses over three months, Galaxy Sport identified that Brian was often using Uber for transportation and making occasional one-off contributions. While Brian held a childhood dream to purchase a home for his parents, his financial commitments were making it challenging. Our initial task was to work with Brian's entire family to shape a successful financial strategy that would ensure financial wellbeing for himself, family and community.

The Plan

Galaxy Sport started this journey with a Talanoa, an inclusive, participatory and transparent dialogue, involving Brian's family. This conversation led to a goal to redirect a portion of the funds Brian was providing to his family into a new account for future savings. Additionally, extra earnings from representative games and endorsements were earmarked for savings. The Galaxy Sport team also facilitated Brian's swift acquisition of a driver's license to cut down his Uber expenses.

Appreciating Brian's worldview, we embarked on an educational journey that respected his limited financial knowledge. Focusing on culturally responsive financial learning, our team fostered trust with Brian's family, collaborating to enhance financial literacy while ensuring cultural values remained intact.

The Result

In just 15 months, Brian fulfilled his dream of buying his parents a house through disciplined saving. Our continued support extended to furnishing his new home, facilitated by our wellbeing managers. Brian's family showed their dedication by inviting the team to his wedding with Sala, underscoring the impact of our financial guidance.

Post-wedding and with an upgraded contract, Brian's financial journey progressed as he moved into his own home. Currently, Galaxy Sport are partnering with Brian to manage debts, boost savings, and work toward his property purchase.

Brian now feels in control of his finances, empowered by his newfound understanding. He wishes for early access to such guidance and eagerly shares his experience with fellow athletes, highlighting the importance of smart financial planning.