Starting Line

Zac, a fresh talent on the field, is a new addition to Galaxy Sport’s athlete roster. Understanding the uncertainty surrounding contract negotiations and the need for Zac to establish strong financial habits, Galaxy Sport has stepped in to offer support. Despite limited forward planning options, we have focused on assisting Zac in developing everyday financial practices that will benefit him in the long run.

The Plan

Our support includes the following key areas:

Budget Reviews: We conduct regular reviews of Zac's budget, analysing his income and expenses to ensure financial stability and optimal resource allocation.

Cash Flow Analysis and Transactional Banking Patterns: We closely examine Zac's cash flow and banking activities to identify areas of improvement and optimise his financial management.

Review of Insurances and Tax Accounting: We assess Zac's insurance coverage to ensure adequate protection for his career and personal assets. Additionally, we review his tax accounting practices, ensuring compliance and maximising potential deductions.

The Result

By focusing on these fundamental financial aspects, we aim to equip Zac with strong financial habits that will serve as a solid foundation for his future. As Zac's career progresses and contract negotiations unfold, we will continue to provide ongoing support and adapt our strategies to meet his evolving needs.