Starting Line

Tom was a professional rugby player who was already knowledgeable about financial management. However, he lacked a clear plan for savings and asset accumulation.

The Plan

Galaxy Sport developed an action plan for Tom that focused on property acquisition, savings, and debt reduction. The goal was to acquire three properties that would be paid off by the time Tom retires.

The Result

Galaxy Sport's Property Buyers Agency secured two properties for Tom in diverse locations with strong economic drivers, using only $15,000 as deposit funds.

Tom's first investment property was completed and had increased in value by $160,000. His second property was due to be constructed in the next six months, and the land value had already increased by $80,000. By using only a $10,000 deposit, Tom had controlled an investment that had returned a significant equity uplift.

With a new contract signed with Rugby Australia, Galaxy Sport and Tom, are now planning ahead for property number three.

Bottom Line

Tom's property acquisition plan with Galaxy Sport has been successful in creating a diverse and profitable investment portfolio.

With the help of Galaxy Sport, Tom has been able to secure multiple properties with minimal deposits, resulting in significant equity gains. The plan has set Tom up for long-term financial security and will provide a solid foundation for his retirement.